BlackHound helps businesses use their data to build and sustain competitive edges. Whether you need descriptive analytics, advanced modeling, or bespoke data-related software development, we can deliver high-quality results efficiently.

Here are some principles that guide our work:

  1. Use the data you have. This means not ignoring valuable records because you'd rather have more or different data. It also means recognizing the limits of what a given data set can tell you.
  2. Define the problem carefully and in writing. Double-checking this will turn up confusions surprisingly often. It's why we don't charge you for time we spend making sure we're solving the right problem.
  3. Combine data sets whenever possible, even if they weren't built to talk to each other. Creativity and assiduous data cleaning can often accomplish this.
  4. Work reproducibly and portably. Analyses should be done in a way that you can modify and reproduce, now or later, with or without us. This often means that we'll make Jupyter notebooks we turn over to you, but we'll choose tools that suit the job and your practices.

If this sounds like what you need, please get in touch.